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"Single Phase, 1/2 Hp, 115/230 VAC, 56C Frame, 1725 Rpm, TEFC, C-Face Less Base, High Torque"
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 110492
Price: $301.92
Shipping Weight: 26.00 pounds
Single Phase, High Torque, 1/2 Hp., 1725 Rpm, Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), 115/208-230 Vac, 4.4 F.L. Amps _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Engineering Data Volts: 115 Volts: 208-230 Volts: F.L. Amps: 8.8 F.L. Amps: 4.4 F.L. Amps: S. F Amps: 9.4 S. F Amps: 4.7 S. F Amps: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RPM: 1725 Hertz: 60 HP: 1/2 Duty: CONT TYPE: CF KW: Frame: C56C Serv. Factor: 1.15 Phase: 1 Max Amb: 40 Design: N Code: L Insul Class: B4 Protection: MANUAL Therm.Prot.: CED4705 Eff 100%: 66 Eff 75%: PF: 58 UL: yes CSA: Yes Bearing OPE 6203 CC Number: CE: no Bearing PE: 6203 Load Type: Inverter Type: Speed Range: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motor Wt.: 21.5 LB Enclosure: TEFC Lubrication: POLYREX EM Nameplate: 004024 Mounting: C FACE Rotation: RECONN Assembly: 042504 Shaft Dia.: 5/8 IN Ext. Diag.: 00500303 Cust Part No: Outline: 033641 Ext. Diag2: Packaging: 307032.137 Outline Dash No: Winding: C634121 Carton Label: Individual GROUP: 3 A Iris: N Paint: RED Test Card: 03 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Form Factor: RMS Amps: Const Torque Torque: Peak: Speed Range: AB Code: Peak@DegC: Resistance: Connection: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rework Status: Rework TYPE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Explosion Proof Temp Op Code: Brake Motors Class: GROUP: FORCE: 0 Class: GROUP: VDC: 0 ADC: 0 Brake Coil OHMs @25 C: 0 Performance Torque : 24 (Full Load) 68 (Break Down) 64.4 (Pull Up) 88 (Locked Rotor) CURRENT (amps): 4.4 (Full Load) 3.4 (No Load) 21 (Locked Rotor) Efficiency (%): 66 (Full Load) 63.5 (75% Load) 55.8 (50% Load) 40.3 (25% Load) PowerFactor: 58 (Full Load) 49.4 (75% Load) 39.7 (50% Load) 29.4 (25% Load)

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